Choosing Between Free and Paid Board Management Software

Board management software provides boards with a secure space to helpful resources make edits and comments on documents or other assets. These tools are also great for scheduling board meetings and coordinating committees and activities, while keeping everyone updated and organized. They also keep everyone engaged.

However, a few key differences between free and paid board portal software should be considered prior to making a decision about the best solution for your requirements. The most important features are meeting automation, member management, and options for customization.

The most effective software for boards is designed to be simple to use even for board members who have limited experience with technology. In addition to the ease of use, the top free and paid solutions offer comprehensive training and support that aid in maximising the return on investment.

One important aspect to think about is data encryption. A high-quality encryption system protects your personal information from hackers, thus reducing the risk that you will be exposed to legal actions or violations. The best paid and free portals come with industry-leading security features including certified physical storage facilities, advanced disaster recovery, encrypted by the customer, and solid password policies. The top portals also make communication easier with clear separation between corporate communications and board-level communication. This makes them less susceptible to fishing expeditions or frivolous lawsuits. Choose a provider who offers an opportunity to try a trial or demo for free to test their solutions. This lets you see first-hand how the portal functions and evaluate its capabilities without having commit to a subscription immediately.

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